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The Best Wedding Limos in Richmond, Virginia

Providing Wedding Limos in Richmond, VA – Full Service Wedding Transportation

Virginia Limousine is the best choice for wedding limos in Richmond, VA. As a Full-Service Wedding Transportation provider we can help with all your wedding transportation needs. This includes bachelor and bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, bridal party limousines, guest shuttles and so much more.

Richmond Wedding Limousine is a site completely dialed in on the wedding limo and transportation services offered by Virginia’s Best Limousine Service – Virginia Limousine. Our wedding services are quite extensive so we though it might be beneficial to the wedding client to have an indepth view at those services on a webpage focused just on that.

Let us make your wedding limo and transportation uniquely yours with one of our wedding packages that are tailored to your specific desires.

When you’re in need of a wedding limo in Richmond, you need the professionals at Virginia Limousine.

We have nearly a decade in Wedding Transportation Excellence!

Selecting wedding vendors can be tough and time consuming because everything has to be perfect. Luckily we have the experience needed to know the ins and outs of wedding transportation so once you’ve selected us as your vendor for wedding limos in Richmond you’ll have nothing to worry about.


Quality. Professionalism. Value.

Why should you choose us as your transportation porvider for wedding limos in Richmond, VA?

Quality Matters. The quality of vehicle and service is very important on your big day. Our chauffeurs are trained professionals who map their route before leaving the office so your trip avoids traffice jams and other hiccups. All our vehicles are well maintained late model cars and buses.

Professional Service. Professionalism is highly important, especially for weddings. Chauffeurs always wear business professional attire such as dresses, suites and ties. Vehicles always arrive clean and on time.

Value. We provide the latest model vehicles for prices that are competitive within the Richmond market. All our vehicles are with a few years old, all the features work, and they’re kept squeaky clean.

We’re the only Wedding Limo Service in Richmond, VA that offers a NEW White Sedan Limo!

Our Brand New White Chrysler 300 limousine is booked exclusively for weddings. It’s the only wedding dedicated stretch limo in all of Richmond!

You’re going to LOVE our Wedding Limos in Richmond, VA

We have all sorts of limos for your wedding. There’s big ones, little ones, white ones, black ones, flashy ones and classy ones but they’re all new ones! At Virginia Limousine we pride ourselves in offering the biggest selection of limos, cars and luxury buses for weddings in Richmond.

These are some of our Most Booked Limos for Weddings

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Wedding Sedan
Wedding Limos

All Our Wedding Transportation Services

As a full service wedding transportation provider, we offer a variety of packages and services to choose from. Every wedding is unique so every client has their own unique need for transportation.

Limousine Service


Bridal Party Limos. Get your bridal party to the wedding on time and in style. Avoid potential delays from everyone trying to drive themselves and book an elegant limo so all you gals can ride together in the Bride’s final single moments.

Groom Party Limos. Alright guys, the time has come. When you’re ready let’s load up and head over to the ceremony. Of course you’ll be riding in style with our limos for the groomsmen.

Other VIPS. His parents and her parents need their ride to the wedding too! A private, comfortable limo or an executive SUV would be perfect for them.

Limo Service

Guest Shuttles


Offering a shuttle for your wedding guests is a huge convenience for them especially if they’re from out of town or if alcohol will be being consumed. Our guest shuttles are offered in many different economical options from a split shuttle to dedicated all-day buses.

2 Hours Before and After. For those who have their wedding ceremony and reception at the same location, a two hour block before and again after the wedding works well to move guests to and from the venue.

3 Hours, Then 2 Hours. If the wedding ceremony and reception are in two separate location, it’s easy to have the shuttle buses wait at the ceremony then drop off at the reception due to the short nature of ceremonies. We’ll allocate a separate two hour block at the end of the reception to transport guests back to their hotels.

Full Day. Enjoy discounted rates by booking your guest shuttles for the full day. A full day rental is defined as 8 to 12 hours.

Limo Service